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Nothamptonshires local supplier of vaping products at lower than average retail prices. We stock many of the most popular e liquid brands as well as compliant hardware and diy e liquid products.

We seek out the best value concentrates from all different producers based on flavour and strength, we particularly look for "strong flavours".

We have invested in our own flavourlouds range which are produced to our specification by uk based reputable  registered producers. Our aim is to cater for all types of vaping supplies at sensible prices and  offer superb delivery and after sales.

Having been involved in the vaping industry for 6 years we have seen many changes and so decided to build a new site for diy vapers and more. Our aim is to provide the best flavour concentrates from around the world which have been personally tested for cost effectiveness and true to life flavour. As all manufacturer replications are different we try to choose the best replication for each flavour rather than carry endless stock of the same flavours.

One shot flavour concentrates
Fed up of buying weak flavours which don't match the profile? We scour different manufacturers looking for the best flavours to bring to you in one place so you don't have to. We rate them on strength per ml and realism of flavour and if they dont match up we don't stock, its that simple.

Through our own experience we of mixing we are continually putting together one shot mixes using various flavours from various manufacturers so that you do not have to buy endless amounts of flavours to make a single juice. Many of the one shots are replications of expensive "premium" liquids so the savings are much much greater.

E juice Recipe's

We encourage visitors to share and rate recipe's based on the flavours we carry by using the "REVIEWS" section for each product, by doing this people can share and learn from each other.

You can be assured that no flavour concentrate will be diluted in any way to maximise profits and in turn cast a shadow over manufacturers recommended percentages.

We are a small family run business and as such our customer service has to be second to none. if you have any queries you can either email
Or call on 01933 353981 or Simon on mobile 07854371064

or Laura on