What is Sub ohm vaping

What does sub ohm mean ?

Sub ohm atomisers are basically atomisers that produce larger amounts of vapour.

Sub ohm atomisers tend to have larger coils which can absorb more liquid and coils which run on higher wattage settings. This means that the coil can fire hotter and the liquid absorbency can keep with demand without running dry creating the awful "burnt hit".

Why do sub ohm atomisers use more liquid?

Basically because they produce much more vapour essentially burning more juice. The added air flow also means more liquid can be drawn through the coils quicker.

Sub ohm atomisers are used by people who inhale directly into the lungs rather than "mouth to lung".

Key points with sub ohm vaping.

1 You use more liquid

2 You use more battery power. basically because the coil draws more power to fire.

3 liquid will taste better, MUCH BETTER !!!

4 Coils whilst more expensive than smaller higher ohm coils generally last longer.

Take note that if you currently have say 18mg liquid in a pen style e cig you WILL have to drop this NICOTINE down when using a sub ohm mod.
The reason is simple as it produces much more vapour meaning the nicotine hit is much harder. 

6 If you find that it hurts your throat etc the NICOTINE is too high so try using a lower one.

7 Sub ohm coils can use higher vg mixed e liquids as high as 80 % on some which gives a smoother more cloudy vape.
Enjoy !!!!
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