e liquid recipe's

Here you will find a selection of E liquid recipe's to give you inspiration. All of these recipe's have been gathered from around the world from other diy'ers and mixologists.
As everyone's tastes are different all of these recipe's can be adjusted to suit individual taste.
With some of the liquids available today costing exuberant prices our aim is to offer you similar either in the shape of one shot concentrates or recipes gathered since we began.

What is a one shot?

Some more complex e liquid recipes can require upto 15 or more flavours in different measures to make one particular flavour, this means having to buy upto 15 different bottles. With a one shot it has already been mixed enabling you to just add to your preferred PG?VG NIC base liquid averaging between 10 and 20% flavouring.

Things to be aware of when it comes to mixing e liquid.

The most important being that not all flavours are the same!
Flavourings vary greatly in strength from manufacturer to manufacturer and one strawberry from one company can taste completely different from another company. When a recipe calls for a particular flavour this may not at first seem important but it really can make or break a liquid. The other thing to be aware of is that some vendors will dilute the concentrates down to increase profit which again will have a drastic effect on your recipe, sad but true.
Also some liquids are simple not suitable for vaping and could contain unwanted chemicals which the major flavour producers have removed.
many liquids can require upto a month to reach their full flavour potential. As a general view anything containing cream, custard or desert type will need the longest STEEPING time.
Fruits generally  need the least STEEPING time and some are indeed "shake and vape" although will still benefit from upto a week steeping time.
Sweeteners can be in the for of sucralose and ethyl maltol, fruit flavours can benefit from adding a drop or 2 of lemon juice. You can add a sour note to fruits by adding "Sour" but be aware this is very strong. You can add a cooling effect by adding "Koolada" and even drops of a good menthol.