Why does my vape taste burnt?

Simon 21/12/2017 0 Comments
The most common cause of burnt taste while vaping is usually that the coil needs replacing. This is by no means the only reason just the most obvious.
Firstly i will explain what happens to the coil. The heater element or coil is wrapped with usually cotton and this soaks up liquid against the coil thus heating the soaked cotton releasing the vapour, after vaping  for some time the cotton clogges and bakes and flavour and vapour then starts to decrease. Now lets get to why it leaks, the cotton in the coil is basically the only barrier preventing leaking as the juice soaks into it and then stops. Another cause which i have found recently during the cols weather is the juice thickens up and does not flow if it becomes cold if you juice ratio is 70vg/30pg and higher. Equally the effect of leaking can happen if the juice becomes too hot during the summer. 
Importantly always check also that you are not trying to run too high wattage on a specific coil type as if  the setting is too high you will get the burn. ITS NOT A NICE EXPERIENCE
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