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We are Northamptonshires one stop shop for vaping flavour concentrates recipes diy e juice supplies and top branded  TPD regulated products.

With the new TPD regulations taking force we have decided to move from our original website to this brand new and hopefully better navigating site.
We also intend to stock a larger array of TPD products than ever before once these products become available. 

We aim to offer a large range of the top brand named concentrated flavourings used by the vaping community around the world  here on our Online Store. We will be eventually carrying everything you need from bottles to printed labels.  We also hope to encourage visitors to post and share e liquid recipe's for certain flavours via the reviews section on each product page. by doing this it will enable many more people to enjoy making their own juices and we may even reproduce them.
We would like to encourage other users to add recipes to the flavour lists via the REVIEWS Feature making the site more informative to other users.
We are a family run business and cannot grow without your support so feedback is always welcome.